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Our Pre-Project Process

Contact Us

It starts with a phone call (e-mail or text)

Nilson Property Group can be your contractor/ handyman for projects both big and small. We can do almost anything, but we can't do everything so a conversation about what you hope to have done and who we are is necessary to determine if we will be a good fit for you to achieve the best outcome. 

In-Home Meeting

We'll schedule and perform an in-home analysis of your project space or property. Matt Nilson, the owner of Nilson Property Group, LLC., will always be your primary contact. We'll get appropriate measurements, pictures, and your design drawings, ideas, and hopes for consideration in creating your initial estimate.

Specifications and Agreement

The initial estimate will indicate if we are on-the-same-page and if we are aligned to move forward with designing your project in detail. We will meet as necessary to discuss the exact specifications that are to be considered for your project and corresponding budgetary ramifications. When we are in agreement, the Project Agreement, highlighting terms and responsibilities, will be signed.

Schedule Start of Project

After the Project Agreement is signed, necessary materials will be ordered in anticipation of an agreed-upon start date for the respective project. We will carefully allocate our resources to make the remodeling process as efficient and least disruptive as possible.

Projects have an expected timeline and every effort is made to accomplish our tasks within those time parameters. Your satisfaction is always our top priority and quality will never be sacrificed for the sake of time-of-project length. 

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