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Whether you have been living in your home for years or just moved into your new place, where you live should be a reflection of your family's interests and needs.

Nilson Property Group will help you with your project, big or small. When you want to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or other living space, we offer a passion for excellence and a commitment to your satisfaction.

Beautiful living room interior with open

Interior Spaces

Although there are many good reasons to remodel your home, your own comfort and enjoyment are important factors and shouldn't be overlooked.

A remodeled living space can give your home improved functionality, increased aesthetics, and greater safety.

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The kitchen can be the most important room in your home. An old kitchen can still be nice; yet dated, bland, and cramped.

A fresh, new kitchen with an open design and modern amenities holds the power to bring the family together to socialize, eat, and cook.

Large furnished bathroom in luxury home


A bathroom serves an obvious purpose and, for many, it is taken for granted and not as the influential space it can be.

Whether you desire a relaxing escape to your Master Bath or a better, more efficient design to handle your growing family, the investment in a bathroom remodel will reap dividends now and in the future. 

Basement in new construction home with b

Basement Finishing

Finished basements are becoming "must-haves" in most homes. No longer can homeowners afford to only use basements as laundry space or just for storage.

Adding features and increasing livability with a lower-level suite, entertainment area, and/or bar will be that extension of your home that will make you want to stay in and enjoy with the family.

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